Tunisian Social Network

Tunisian Social Network is an interesting platform to share interests and to communicate with Tunisians. Tunisian Social Network is a social community portal only for Tunisian internet users to socialize on the World Wide Web. Tunisian Social Network is a very intresting and innovative concept. On Tunisian Social Network, communities of online Tunisians get together, to share interests and interact with each other in their own time.

Tunisian Social Network: Tunisian is a native or inhabitant of Tunisia. Tunisian of or relating to the city of Tunis or its residents. Tunis is the capital and principal port of Tunisia. Tunisia officially Tunisian Republic. Tunisia is a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean coast; achieved independence from France in 1956. The majority of modern Tunisians are Arab or arabized Berber, and are speakers of Tunisian Arabic.

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